Hi! I’m Roderick L. White

I’m a Author, of the book titled: Purposed To Illustrate A Divine Vision” which is on all major book markets @ Barnes & Noble, Amazon, KINDLE, KDP.com, Nook, and of course my website @ www.RoderickLWhiteministries.com, also I currently have a another book available now to purchase which is the 2nd installment series titled “Purposed To Walk in Divine Promise.” You can order it now @ my website as well. These two are written to be inspire and impact lives. Empowering others and boosting their confidence to believe in faith that God has great things in store for them, is my life’s work. My goal and my earthly assignment is to build up others, by elevating their way of thinking; in hopes to help them become more productive in any way possible in their pursuit to reach their full purpose in life. I know as I encourage others to walk with God on their lives journey they to will experience the awesome of God revealing many promises unfolding miraclously in their life. I hope to continue this writing assignment as I conclude the #3 and final book release of this Purposed-Divine series which will be available sometime by winter 2020, titled “Purposed To Make A Divine Impact on Earth.” I’m so looking forward to sharing it all with everyone.

I’m also Elder/Senior-Pastor, at New Covenant House Ministries Jackson,TN. And I love meeting new people and impacting life’s, for greater. I enjoy inspiring others to reach their full potential along life’s journey. I believe everyone has greatness embedded in them already with awesome ideas,concepts, creative genius and a wealth of talent, skills in several areas. It’s all a gift from God, and He expects us to maximize it with what we already possess and begin to build on it. I feel ultimately my biggest assignment in life is to help lead others to walk with God recognize there abilities to succeed and utilize what they have to be achieve many things throughout their path to destiny. In doing so they too can reach their Purposed 2 Life. It’s an Divine Appointment! 

🙏May God bless and enrich your every endeavor in life with favor.

Thanks for stopping in to say hello and for chatting a bit with your important views.