Purposed 2 Life Inspirational #75 Evaluate your day, is happiness on the menu?

What you order or subscribe to, can Ultimately become hard or easy to stomach or digest! 

MaKe sure your plate is full of Peaceful pleasures that make your life full of joy all day every day!

Food for thought: no pond intended, but as you set in a restaurant and peruse the menu, 📖  🍱 🥘 have you ever thought about what would it be like if you didn’t have the preference or freedom to order what you like or what sounded delicious to you, even though you had to pay for it?  That’s sounds crazy or probably out of the question for most, it would certainly take the fun and pleasure out of the whole experience right?..,Well if you put it into every day context, most of us do that with our own lives, we let circumstances and situations we face throughout life dictate what makes us feel or think a certain way. All because we except or receive what others say or do to us negatively. Trust me, I know all to well, about letting irritating people or negative people suck the happiness right out of my day. But just because someone is serving negative vibes or spoiled conversation that upsets me, does that mean I got to listen 🎧 or acknowledge it as my plate I’m eating 🍱from today. ABSOLUTELY NOT! I’m the only one who has the power to control my daily emotions and attitude, you are what you eat, is what the old saying says; whether it’s a good demeanor or a bad one today, no one controls that but you not people. And that’s just it, most people will eventually leave you alone if they see that, those undesirable things they are serving you are left uneaten or left on the table right were it was bought to you by that wrong person. This will let them know it’s not what you ordered and they might as well take it to another person or another table, because you don’t have the stomach for it today. EXACTLY, no room for negativity, my plate is already full of good stuff, and that’s all I can Digest is: 🍎🍊🍇🍌🍊positive, uplifting, inspirational, encouragement and nothing but good vibes, today. So if what you’re bringing to me is not any of that, please keep it moving, I don’t have the time for any thing else.

Psalm 107:9 ESV / For he satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry soul he fills with good things.

RLW Ministries: we a lot of times, let the miserable thoughts and feelings of others alter our lives just by what we let be dumped into our laps. But how unfair is that? Do we not care about the most important person in our lives is SELF? Yes, your own happiness depends on what you do each day. If we surround ourselves with negativity and thoughts  💭 of pain, saddens🥲 or hurt then ultimately we become a garbage can for others to dump their hurt into us and we become contaminated with their gilt and filth too. What a miserable life to have yourself turn into “OSCAR, THE GROUCH. “ All we began to know is gospel of bad news, past miseries, worries of pain, and nothing but woe is me sob stories. WHO wants to endure that everyday? NOT ME! So if you hope to have a good healthy emotional lifestyle , stop 🛑 letting folks dump their trash 🗑 into to your life or onto your happy day. Close the lid, cut off the connection, shut down the access. Then you will see clearly the value of who you really are and who you’re purposed to become. You are not a garbage can so don’t let others dump junk into you.

Proverbs 23:7King James VersionFor as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee.

A man or woman can only see themselves getting up out of a rut or a place of misery when they have got sick and tired of the same old same bad experiences they’ve been in. If you stay around unpleasant circumstances or in a undesirable place long enough, it should strike some initiative in you to get yourself up and start to pursue life in a more productive manner. Nothing will change or get better you if you don’t act first. It’s in your mindset but it’s ultimately in your actions too. Just as the old saying goes, ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS! Become your greatest promoter, the head cheerleader of team ME! When you lift yourself up, your day ☀️starts to look 👀 upwards. Your attitude will change, your mental and emotional state will change. You will find out that you are healing from all those past scars and what use to bother you or disrupt your day, has no power or authority over you any longer. So as a result, the appetite thats fulfilled by your “soup 🍜 for the soul” will consist of only what makes you feel good and happy. That’s what you’ve ordered and it’s what you’ve subscribe too nothing less. May your life be full of many JOYS  and PEACEFUL thoughts each and every day!

John 16:3 KJV BibleThese things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.Edit | Trash | View