Purposed 2 Life Inspirational #68 Hate kills, but LOVE, always heals.

As a human being I have been immensely disturbed by what I’ve seen. But as a Black man i have been in a perpetual state…

Posted by Dondré T. Whitfield on Friday, May 29, 2020

We need to learn as Black American people to promote equality & justice as an example to replace cruelty & brutality. Not resulting to promoting ignorant acts of violence to overcome racism. Anything else just doesn’t equate to good results

PEACE ☮️ & Love 💕 & Justice= Righteousness

😥Oh, WOW! woooweee…where do I start?…Please excuse the long reply…but hopefully you’ll get why?


This is my take away of this video. “Black America” is definitely in an outrage, I do understand. And Rightfully so…due to such injustice, evil, and racism that is ever present and being afflicted upon our African American brothers & sisters on a daily bases.
But make no mistake about it,
I’m not condoning the uncivilized behaviors and radical negative methods we black folks have used to retaliate against others of authority in our cities & towns.
We as a black race of people are better than this, but we are not showing it to be so. We have resulted to using our physical means to send a negative message with such disdain and grave acts of violence. It is so unsettling to watch and consequently its setting us Black people, back in time 50 years plus….
Yes, Malcolm X and radical others such as the Black panthers used these extreme methods to get there point across. No disrespect intended, but they are not being celebrated and they are not responsible for the great change of progression that black people have been somewhat afforded over the last 5-6 decades. Let’s seek for peace not more chaos.

It was only through great leadership like MARTIN LUTHER KING and others of peace, who stood for civil rights and the founding of truth and honor for all. “MLK” united people, not divided us even the more through violence and disruption. Even though it was afflicted on him greatly and many others as they pursued their mission for justice. It was Martin’s mission and intelligent methods and thinking that ultimately got us the victory we have today, even-though it’s still ongoing. He used his God given voice of non-violence with peace and justice for all.
MLK says: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”
Martin Luther King Jr.


My personal mission is to spread peace & love ❤️ despite what I feel, or what has been afflicted upon me and what I’m up against daily.
God designed peace in the mist of any and all chaotic storms.
THATS WHAT BLACK PEOPLE have got to start comprehending NOW.! We will certainly always experience many life struggles, problems, hardships and many deaths as a result of evil. But committing rail for rail afflictions of violence and outrage against our communities does not result in any good positive change or good solutions.
Unfortunately “White Americans” and other races will not change because we are using our fist or violent behavior. They will only grow calluses of more racist hate.
💕Love can only drive out hate, not more hate.
To get them to pay attention, we have to stay calm, use our heads not our fist and facilitate rational talks with intellectual thinking. It’s only through prayer, and asking God for divine wisdom that will render the effects of positive and progressive change for the better. Black people, no matter how mad we get and or hurt we are, it will not promote any good attention or change. Acting crazy with violence, starting fires and looting will only perpetuate the negative stigma that MKL and other great leaders spoke and stood against.

✝️ RLW Ministries: “Trouble will always find us, but what will we do when it arrives. What can we do to deter the negative reactions that we portray? Can we exhibit some much needed productivity that will combat all the counterproductive reactions we commit as a result of what has always been against us, EVILNESS!
This evil is much unwarranted persecution against for sure.
But, even in our great despair, Nevertheless, GOD is always on our side.
Job 14:1 ►KJV
King James Version
Man that is born of a woman is of few days, and full of trouble.

So in my closing, I pray 🙏🏽
that the Floyd family heals, and the violence everywhere stop. Also that this video doesn’t promote any further negative actions.
“Dondre’ is obviously hurt and in rage I do understand you see and hear it in his voice. But he needs to be aware that he has got to calm down, think things through. He needs to pray that the enemy does not use him in this social media platform to spread a wicked and viral message of outrage and hate. I pray for him and all of us Black Americans the same. We must understand that You cannot promote building people up while tarrying them down at the same time.

Mark 3:25 KJV
And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.

✝️🙏🏽 RLW Ministries
May GOD’s grace & mercy shine upon us all with His LOVE.